The study of measurements is known as metrology. The Legal Metrology Act of 2009 was enacted in order to enhance transparency between merchants and consumers by regulating uniformity in weights and measuring devices. In layman’s terms, if a consumer purchases 1 kilogram of rice, it should also weigh 1 kg at the shopkeeper’s end.

The preamble of the  Legal Metrology Act says  that it is an ‘An Act to establish and enforce standards of weights and measures, regulate trade and commerce in weights, measures and other goods which are sold or distributed by weight, measure or number and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.’

Legal metrology gives rules for how to keep measurements and estimating tools under control. Legal metrology also protects public safety, the environment, shoppers, and merchants, and it is important for fair trade.

How the Act restricts the fraudulent practices?

The Act restricts the shopkeepers from indulging in unfair trade practice and from committing any kind of fraud or misrepresentation. Under the Act, the Department offers licenses to manufacturers, dealers, and repairers of weights and measures. A licence is required to conduct business in weighing and measuring devices.

Furthermore, each weight and measure is made in accordance with the specifications and models established by the Government of India. The weights and measures used by traders are validated and stamped by an Inspector of the Legal Metrology Department, who then seals the stamp with a seal to ensure the stamp’s integrity and the quarter in which it is verified.

Lastly, in case of any violation is found by a person, he may file a complaint with the Controller of Legal Metrology, Assistant Controller of Legal Metrology, or Inspector of Legal Metrology of the District/Sub-Division in question. And if such a complaint is found to be true, the person giving short deliveries would be punishes with a fine, which may extend up to 10,000 rupees. The Act also punish any person who charges more than the given MRP of pre-packaged commodity with a fine of 2000 rupees.


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